Vagabond Mini Lithium

File this in the "I'm-totally-late-to-the-Vagabond-Mini" party:  After lugging around the original, 22lb monster that was the original Vagabond, I recently came across a good deal on a lightly used Vagabond Mini Lithium, and, man, where has it been all my life?  I've done lots and lots of location shoots using small portable speedlights (heck, I teach a whole workshop around using minimal, small gear) but this little sucker weighs next-to-nothing, and it allows me to get a studio light out on location for a little more power if/when I need it.

The only negative is that the enclosed mounting bracket that Paul Buff includes is pretty wonky and doesn't feel very secure, so I went ahead and picked up a Vagabond Bracket (thanks to Bud Thorpe of the SOPHA for telling me about it) and this sucker is robust and excellently made.  It works along with a Super Clamp and I can attach the Vagabond right to the bottom of my c-stand when working with it.

and a kinda-small shot of it being used on location:

I'll still use small lights when I can, and I always have at least 1 speedlight in my bags at all times, but with bigger jobs where I need more power, this little thing is fantastic.

Thanks, Vagabond Mini Lithium, for making stuff easier to do! :)


(not a paid endorsement - this is stuff I buy with my own cabbage and run it through it's paces. If it's cool I like to share it with others)