The Farmer's Dinner • Portraits of Chefs

Dave Manganello • Riverside BBQ

I had mentioned a few posts back that I got to shoot the Nashua Restaurant Week Farmer's Dinner outside event.  While the event was being planned, I had a few of the participating chef's, cooks and food creative's come up to the studio so I could get some nice, clean head shots of them.

Here are a few I got the chance to photograph.

Jessica DePontbriand • JaJaBelle's
Tim Poplar • Villa Banca
Michael Buckley • MT's Kitchen, Surf, Buckley's Steaks
Doug Lunn • Villa Banca
Dave Manganello • Riverside BBQ

and last but not least Dave Manganello • Riverside BBQ

I want to thank the lady and gents who took the time to come up to the studio and allow me to take a portrait of them.  AND to Dave, who left me with a huge gift of freshly cooked ribs that Sara and I devoured that evening.