it's like moving into a new studio, only it isn't.

It's hard to believe, but I've been in the same photography studio since January 2006.  I've been in the Picker Building since the fall of 2004.  That's crazy.  Time flies when you are trying to figure out what to do for a living, don't it? Sometimes you need change.  Sometimes you just need to move things around enough that it feels like a major change happened.  That's kinda what I did.  I needed to feel like the space was new again, so I totally swapped everything around.  Which, after seven years, finally feels like I'm really using the space to it's potential instead of always thinking I should have moved this over there, or the shooting area should be over here, etc.

Studio Layout 2013

the new shooting area is where I used to have the computers and printers.  I never really liked this layout because I knew that where I'm sitting should have been the shooting area, but I never had a chance to really swap it around.  Now I have this wonderful empty space which isn't being intruded upon by heaters or pipes from the ceiling.  It's fantastic.


Studio Layout 2013

What used to be the shooting area is now where all the computers, prints, flat files, printers, etc are.  I've got the heating unit at my back, which is going to be noisy in the winter, but the whole area feels so much more intuitive.  I also can't believe the amount of crap one person can accumulate over seven years.  Egads.

Wanna see it in person?  Stop by sometime and say hi!  I love having the company, and love finding the chance to talk photography. Chair